V. Mihajlovic and G. Ramirez and A. P. de Vries and D. Hiemstra and H. E. Blok

TIJAH at INEX 2004: Modeling Phrases and Relevance Feedback


This paper discusses our participation in INEX using the TIJAH XML-IR system. We have enriched the TIJAH system, which follows a standard layered database architecture, with several new features. An extensible conceptual level processing unit has been added to the system. The algebra on the logical level and the implementation on the physical level have been extended to support phrase search and structural relevance feedback. The conceptual processing unit is capable of rewriting NEXI content-only and content-and-structure queries into the internal form, based on the retrieval model parameter specification, that is either predefined or based on relevance feedback. Relevance feedback parameters are produced based on the data fusion of result element score values and sizes, and relevance assessments. The introduction of new operators supporting phrase search in score region algebra on the logical level is discussed in the paper, as well as their implementation on the physical level using the pre-post numbering scheme. The framework for structural relevance feedback is also explained in the paper. We conclude with a preliminary analysis of the system performance based on INEX 2004 runs.