G. Ramirez

UPF at INEX 2010: Towards Query-Type Based Focused Retrieval


This paper describes our participation at INEX 2010. We participated in two different tracks: ad-hoc and data-centric. We first propose a classification of INEX topics and analyze several characteristics of the relevance assessments from INEX 2009 for each of the topic classes. The goal of our study is to investigate whether there are differences in relevance judgements between topic classes in order to use this information at retrieval time. We also present the experiments we performed on the INEX 2010 data. In the ad-hoc track we study the performance ects of changing the article order (fetching phase) while in the data-centric track we experiment with the use of different indices and retrievable element types. Our main finding is that indexing uniquely movie documents leads to much better performance than indexing the complete collection.