P. Bellot, T. Chappell, A. Doucet, S. Geva, J. Kamps, G. Kazai, M. Koolen, M. Landoni, M. Marx, V. Moriceau, . Mothe, . Ramirez, M. Sanderson, E. Sanjuan, F. Scholer, X. Tannier, M. Theobald, M. Trappett, A. Trotman, and Q. Wang

Report on INEX 2011


INEX investigates focused retrieval from structured documents by providing large test collections of structured documents, uniform evaluation measures, and a forum for organizations to compare their results. This paper reports on the INEX 2011 evaluation campaign, which consisted of a five active tracks: Books and Social Search, Data Centric, Question Answering, Relevance Feedback, and Snippet Retrieval. INEX 2011 saw a range of new tasks and tracks, such as Social Book Search, Faceted Search, Snippet Retrieval, and Tweet Contextualization.