Q. Wang, G. Ramirez, M. Marx, M. Theobald, J. Kaamps

Overview of the INEX 2011 Data-Centric Track


This paper presents an overview of the INEX 2011 Data-Centric Track. Having the ad hoc search task running its second year, we introduced a new task, faceted search task, whose goal is to provide the infrastructure to investigate and evaluate different techniques and strategies of recommending facet-values to aid the user to navigate through a large set of query results and quickly identify the results of interest. The same IMDB collection as last year was used for both tasks. A total of 9 active participants contributed a total of 60 topics for both tasks and submitted 35 ad hoc search runs and 13 faceted search runs. A total of 38 ad hoc search topics were assessed, which included 18 subtopics for 13 faceted search topics. We discuss the setup for both tasks and the results obtained by their participants.